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Bracket for Side Hanging Rail, Wooden Shelves

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  • Product Code: KML121
  • Brand: Shelf Brackets Set
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Price : 6,30 $

Aks 600mm Painted - 6.3 $
Aks 800mm Painted - 6.8 $
Aks 1000mm Painted - 7.2 $

Bracket for side Hanging Rail, wooden Shelf Product include 3 parts, (right shelf support + left shelf support + Ø25mm hanging arm )

wooden shelf brackets is chrome or painted surfaceses...

shelf supprot brackets is  only 50mm pitch (25 mm+ 25mm ) wall rail with Single slot is



if you want different pitch wall aluminyum profile shelf support brackets, please contackt or send us mail, we can do it...

Bracket for Side Hanging Rail, Wooden Shelves Product Features 

Surface:  chrome, epoxy (white/black)

Material : Steel,,

Measurement : 30 x 80 x 355mm  (only 35 cm or 40 cm depth wooden shelf ) 600mm , 900mm



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