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Side Hanging 'T' Rail for Twin Slot Ø25mm

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  • Product Code: KML138
  • Brand: T Hanging Arm
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Price : 2,10 $

Painted ( Back / White ) - 2.1 $
Chrome - 2.4 $

Side Hanging 'T' Rail for Twin Slot Ø25mm These are front hanger products made of metal and used in Store Wall Shelves. The clothes are hung with hangers and the product can be easily displayed ..

There is a round pin on the end of the pipe to prevent the hangers from falling from the front .. Side Hanging 'T' Rail for Twin Slot Ø25mm With the nails located in the back part of the rack,

the store can easily be worn on the metal perforated profile wall trims

with the Single Slot Wall Rails and Double Slot Wall Rari products. Side Hanging 'T' Rail for Twin Slot Ø25mm (Ø25 Pipe) The nail crossing section is 50 lines.

Depending on the student, you can also make the desired products in special pitches ..


Side Hanging 'T' Rail for Twin Slot Ø25mm Product Features

Surface:  Chrome, Epoxy (white/black)

Material : Steel,

Measurement : 25mm Pitches...


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