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Conical Upright Wooden Shelf Handle

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The metal wall holding the wooden shelves displayed on the in-store product used in Conical Strut Wall Shelf systems are Conical Strut Wooden Shelf Arm products...


Wall Shelf Leg rear insert is made in the form of passing into the channel on the metal conical pillar and is attached here with the hooked part in the rear insertion part...


Conical Upright Wooden Shelf Arm rear insertion section has 40 pitch...


Conical Strut Wooden Shelf Handle is Sold as a Set... (It is sent as a set as right + left..) Shelf Handle is made of chrome plated. It can also be painted in concept colors suitable for your store, upon request.

Conical Upright Wooden Shelf Handle FeaturesSurface : Chromed
Material : Steel,
Dimension : 30 x 80 x 300mm (For 35 cm and 40 cm wide Wooden Shelves)
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