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Store Wooden Wall Shelf

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Price : 2,70 $

Wooden Shelf 35cm x 60 cm - 2.7 $
Wooden Shelf 35cm x 80 cm - 3.5 $
Wooden Shelf 35cm x 100 cm - 4.1 $

Store Wooden Wall Shelf 18mm thick chipboard chipboard wooden shelf products....


Store Wooden Wall Shelf is a Glossy White Wood shelf products...


Store Wooden Wall Shelf should be covered with PVC on the edges.It is frequently used in shelf systems on Store Walls.It is used together with Shelf Handle Carriers....


you can buy shelf supports according to the shelf systems in your store from our website....

You can easily make decorative Store Decoration and shelf systems by placing them on the shelf handles taken...

Shop Wooden Wall Shelf Feature


Surface : chipboard wood

Material : Wood

Dimension: 350mm X 600mm, 350mm X 800mm, 350mm X 1000mm

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