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Ceiling Base Compression Double Side Slot Shop Pole

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  • Product Code: KML404
  • Brand: Steel Profile Wall Upright
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Price : 15,50 $

260cm - 15.5 $
300cm - 19.2 $
350cm - 22.5 $

Floor Ceiling Compression Store Pole is made of metal 30x30 dkp profile and has double slot channels on the double surface.


  Floor Ceiling Compression Store Upright products can be used in the middle sections of the store and extra extra directional shelves can be added to the store ...  

It is first tightened to the floor and ceiling by means of screws and then fixed by screwing ...

Easy to install ..

Store wall shelf systems are formed by attaching rack carrier and hanger systems on Double Slot Channel ...

Ceiling-base clamping module (Double surface slot) For special orders, you can get price by contacting us with different color and length dimensions ..

Store decoration Floor Ceiling Compression Store Upright is painted as black as standard ... (can be made in special colors according to your request ... Please specify in your order ...)

Features of Floor and Ceiling Compression Shop Strut (Double Surface Slot)Surface: Electrostatic powder paint (black)

Material: 30x30mm box profile, steel,

Size: It can be made in any desired size.

Packaging: 1 piece

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