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Black Puff

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  • Product Code: PF1915
  • Brand: Pouffe
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Price : 7,20 $

Leather Black Color - 7.2 $
Leather Red Color - 7.2 $
Leather White Color - 7.2 $

Black Puff Models

Width: 38cm

Depth: 38cm

Height: 38cm

Black Puff Models Features

• Color: Black, White, Red

• The chipboard is covered with first class artificial leather.


• There is a 2.5 cm thick sponge under the skin in the beanbag.

  Product Shipping Statistics: Estimated shipping time is 7 business days.


Uses, homes, offices, in-store cabins, in-store general seating areas, Hairdressers, .....

Locker Cabin Leather Puff Models

Width: 38cm

Depth: 38cm

Height: 38cm



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